Coming Oct.15th, Jesse's Homecoming

Jesse's Homecoming
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: f/f, western, romance
Jesse returns to the ranch to find her lover, Meg, in trouble—raped and beaten by her ex. It's up to Jesse to rescue her and to see that justice is done. 

 Coming October 15th, to eXtasy Books

Dr. Exercise

Flash Fiction


"Again!" The word had scarcely passed my lips when my body jerked spastically in agony's grip. A slim line of blistering heat bisected my ass, joining the myriad of previous gifts adorning my flesh. I couldn't inhale, couldn't get my lungs to accept the air. Fighting maniacally for air, then suddenly I gasped, sobbed.

"Again!" I screamed, my raw voice echoing off the walls. Blinding pain lifted me, sent me hurtling inward – outward. Fire radiated outward from each stripe of tortured flesh. Its tendrils surrounded me and held me.

"Again," I sighed and my body jerked, but this time not in pain. Nipples tightened, the wetness of arousal trickled down either thigh as I pushed towards the lash. Piss – cum? God knows, who cared, as I reached for pains' sweet embrace. I wallowed in the all encompassing paradise of agony, my secret place of retreat.

"Again." The voice was distant, mine, yet I heard it from afar. No lash followed, but hands gripped my torn flesh. They pushed the pain inside me; fed it to me in large handfuls. Held me, freed me of the need to stand.

"Enough," I heard, and at first, not understanding, I could have wept – enough of what?

"Please," I begged and the arms that circled my, held me, carried me to our bed. Laid carefully down, I knew nothing more until I felt the coolness of his hands covered with cream, moving over my lower back. He caressed my tortured flesh, fingers straying, to tease, to play me as only he knew how.

"Get on your hands and knees my sweet," he whispered and his hands were under me, lifting me. His belly against my back, and his manhood split me, entered me, taking me to nirvana.

About Jude

I'm a people watcher. When you go to a party, I'll be the one off to the side holding a glass of wine, watching the crowd. I'll most probably be smiling. I have a wicked imagination.